An Overwhelming Peace

A few more photographs and memories of our time in Japan.

This is the giant Buddha statue in Kamakura. The entire park has a strong but peaceful energy. Strangely, we found an Amish restaurant about 600 meters from this sight. It was a little piece of Lancaster, PA in left field Japan. Weird.

An awesome–in the traditional sense of the word–dragon protecting the entrance of a Shinto shrine. This next picture was taken a short distance from the one above. Both shrines are on Enoshima Island.

I love the bright colors.

Will the real Buddha please stand up

A sharply dressed dad helps his daughter navigate her little feet into the traditional slippers worn with the kimono. These big-toe socks are stitched so that there is a special spot for your big toe…sorta like foot mittens. Still, it doesn’t look so easy to squeeze into the shiny slippers. There were lots of kids at Takahatafudo that day to pray for good luck for the years to come.

This is my favorite coffee shop. I found this little place in Kokubunji to spend my two free hours between jobs on Thursdays. Each week I sit and drink either one iced coffee (400 yen) or one hot coffee (also 400 yen and no refills). Usually, the woman who waits tables, cleans dishes, and prepares orders, is listening to Getz and Gilberto. Every once in a while she listens to Karen Carpenter, which I find tremendously disturbing. It’s often a bit smoky but I don’t mind because otherwise it’s a perfect place to sit and read or write. The first few visits I pretended to read the menu but could only identify I few words written in katakana such as “toast-to,” and “ice-creamu” but eventually the waitress caught on that I was only in for coffee. Sometimes I wow her with my expanding Japanese language proficiency and toss out a “Domo Arigato” and use all my mental powers to suppress a tourettic-like “Mr. Roboto”!! luck and good health in the coming years.


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One response to “An Overwhelming Peace

  • jana

    Gorgeous pictures. The one with many Buddhas is hypnotizing.

    Your cafe looks so quaint and peaceful. I love those places. Everywhere we lived, I was able to find one, just to sit and think, read or write, between classes. Everywhere except in Indianapolis. Strange, huh?

    This kind of amused me, though: Have you noticed how in you twist the Key from their logo 90 degrees, change its colour to red and place it against white background, you’ll end up with the logo of Key Bank?

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