Things We Do in the Morning

It’s true. I’m spoiled. Terribly so. Four days a week my husband brings me coffee and gently pulls me awake. Well, he tries at least. There is something spectacular about that tender space between sleeping and waking and it becomes even more intriguing with narratives from the cusp.

What follows is a reconstructed transcript of the bizarre conversations Laco and I have in the wee hours of the morning, when he is trying to wake me up and preparing to leave for work.

Sunday, 4.45am

Laco (in a very soft and kind voice): Kelllll-lllyyy, good morning. I brought you coffee. Wouldn’t you really like to wake up and do some Yoga and have a nice productive day?

Kelly: Can you please be quiet please because I am trying to memorize a dream right now and I can’t hear it because you are talking.

Laco: (Pregnant pause….as he tries to determine whether I’d really prefer to get up and get to work or “memorize my dream.”

Actual wake-up time: 7.05


Monday, 4.45am

Laco: Kellll-llly, listen to the birds, aren’t they beautiful? I brought you some green vegetable juice.

Kelly: Mmm. I love green vegetables because they sound delicious for juice.

Laco: Do you want to wake up?

Kelly: Vegetables.

Actual wake up time: 6.30 (I really DO love green vegetables!)


Tuesday, 4.45am

Laco: Kelly, wake up, you told me that you have to wake up and write a paper. I brought you coffee. You want to wake up?

Kelly: My mind is wide awake it’s just that my eyes are closed.

Laco: Ha ha ha, yeah right. That sounds interesting. I wonder what time you’ll really wake up.

Kelly: Seriously, my mind is so much awake but my eyes aren’t yet. I love you goodbye.

Actual wake up time: 8.10


Wednesday, 3.45am

Kelly: What are you doing?

Laco: I have to write down my ideas.

Kelly: Okay I like ideas tomorrow.

Laco: …..

Wednesday, 4.45am

Laco: Kelllyyyy, wake up, I brought you coffee! Listen to birds! It’s beautiful laundry day [no articles in the morning!]


Laco: I brought you coffee!

Kelly: Ideas!

Actual wake up time: 5.00am (I really DO like ideas!)

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4 responses to “Things We Do in the Morning

  • Becky

    hilarious!! i think my husband would be afraid to wake me up 😉 i have quite a hard time getting up myself…

  • jana

    isn’t it funny how often we literally ASK to be woken but when the moment comes, we not only seem to have completely forgotten the grand plans from the evening before – we actually blame the person who – quite lovingly and innocently – came to fulfill our at-some-point-rational desire?

    by the way, kelly – chýbala si mi 🙂 (i missed you)

    • kmariej


      It’s so funny! Whenever I ask Laco to *please* wake me up when he leaves for work, he always asks “well, what if you don’t want to wake up?” So I remind him that he should never trust what I say in the morning! haha. I love your blog! maj sa pekne!

  • Nikhil Kardale

    That’s some honest admission and I loved the style in which you’ve shared it here. Lovely picture to go with the blog too! God bless both of you 🙂

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